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For us being in business isn’t all about the bottom line. Our philosophy is work hard and give back.

Indigo currently sponsors the education of Maria, a pupil at the Nkuringo Foundation Nursery & Primary School in Uganda. Indigo also sponsor the Singing Gorilla Projects, a community based charity helping enrich the lives of families in Uganda.



Indigo sponsor a little girl called Maria Asimwe, who lives in a remote village in Uganda called Nkuringo. Every Christmas we donate a hen and a goat to Maria’s family. In an environment where everyone has to be almost completely self sufficient most people live on vegetables. Eggs and milk are a wonderful addition to their diet and giving a hen or goat to a family gives them the ability not only to use the milk and eggs but also to barter for other necessities. When chicks are born the hens are kept to increase the flock. Most of the cockerels are swapped or occasionally eaten as part of a celebration. Meat is a luxury usually saved for special celebrations. Goats often have twins and again the females are kept to increase the flock and the males are used for special meals or bartered.


From the money raised at Indigofest 2018 Indigo donated £1000 to the Nkuringo Foundation Nursery & Primary School in Uganda. After discussion amongst the school staff it was agreed the most beneficial use of this money would be to build EcoSan toilets for the school. The Ecological Sanitation (EcoSan) toilet is a closed system that does not need water, so is an alternative to leach pit toilets in places where water is scarce. EcoSan systems safely recycle excreta resources to crop production in such a way that the use of non-renewable resources is minimised.

We have watched with growing interest the complex building of the EcoSan toilets and they are now finished and up and running. Things do move fast in Nkuringo!

Indigofest Charity Concert

Over the past few years Indigo has held successful charity concerts in aid of the Nkuringo Foundation Nursery & Primary School and the Singing Gorilla Projects in Uganda.

Indiogofest 2018 Willie Austen
Indiogofest 2015 Bad Boy Boogie


In 2016, Indigo teamed up with the Pop Skool choir run by Josie Quinn. We sponsored a day in a local recording studio and a special song was composed called Pathway. The song highlights the power of music and how it can bring communities together. To further emphasise this, Indigo liaised with the Singing Gorilla Projects charity founder Chris Reid who travelled to Nkuringo, a remote village in Uganda.

Chris took a recording of Pathway with him on his mobile phone and while visiting the village he met up with Tim who runs the local music school. Over a period of a few days Tim played the song to the Nkuringo music students and they learnt the song in English. A video was made of the two choirs performing the song both in the UK and in Uganda. As many of Indigo’s clients are in the entertainment industry, we thought this would be a good way to give something back to the community.

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