Giving Back

For us being in business isn’t all about the bottom line. Our philosophy is work hard and give back.

Indigo currently sponsors Singing Gorilla Projects, a community based charity helping enrich the lives of families in Uganda. The project has recently set up a music school in the remote village of Nkuringo. Other projects include the ‘Light to Read’ initiative where the installation of solar panels has enabled children to read and do their homework after dark in this remote village (with no electricity). Other projects include the installation of Water Tanks around the village and the funding of education. Indigo currently finances the education of Maria who lives in the village.
Maria holding her chicken

Maria holding her new chicken 

More Hens and Goats

As some of you are no doubt aware, Indigo sponsor a little girl Maria Asimwe, who lives in a remote village in Uganda called Nkuringo. Recently Indigo have donated a hen and a goat for Maria’s [...]


Last year Indigo teamed up with the ‘Pop Skool’ choir run by Josie Quinn. We sponsored a day in a local recording studio and a special song was composed “Pathway”. The song highlights the power of music and how this medium can bring communities together. To further emphasise this, Indigo liaised with charity founder Chris Reid who travelled to Nkuringo a remote village in Uganda. Chris took a recording of Pathway with him on his mobile phone and while visiting the village he meet up with Tim who runs the music school in the village. Over a period of a few days Tim played the song to some of the village music students and they learnt the song in English. A video was made of the two choirs performing the song both in the UK and in Uganda. The video can be seen here as many of Indigo’s clients are in the entertainment business, this seemed a good way to give something back to the community.

Indigofest 2018

Indigofest 2015

In September 2015, Indigo hosted their own fundraiser at the Capitol Theatre in Horsham “Indigofest” featured local bands performing alongside some established acts including Tony Burrows “Love Grows” and hit songwriter David Martin. The evening was hosted by Comedian Tim Vine. The event raised over £2000 for the Singing Gorilla Charity.

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