Cloud Accounting

The digital revolution making Tax Digital. “We aim to make our tax system the most digitally advanced in the world.” says HMRC.

HMRC are planning major changes in the way you and your company will pay tax. Embracing digital technology their plan is to be the best ‘digital’ tax collection agency on the globe by 2020. The changes will sweep across all sectors, individuals, small to medium size business and global companies too. There is no escaping!
Our qualified and fully trained team can guide you through the process of ‘going digital’. Helping your business integrate with the right cloud accounting package.

Indigo Cloud Bookkeeping

We have an IndiGoal… to be at the forefront of the new digital revolution, embracing technology and encouraging all our clients to use cloud software. There are huge benefits from this approach as clients will have up to date management information at their fingertips. Data can be entered in-house or by our team of experienced bookkeepers.

Here’s how our tailored cloud accounting package will help you save time and make money…

Intuitive & easy to learn

Indigo Cloud Bookkeeping powered by Kashflow is designed to help make running small business (and larger companies) easy, without you needing any accounting or bookkeeping knowledge. So you’ll be able to pick it up quickly.

You can use it anywhere

Our Kashflow powered software is “cloud hosted”, which means you can use it wherever you have internet access. That’s really convenient for any size business from small to large, especially if you have staff in different locations. Or, if you’re visiting a prospect and want to issue a quote, there’s no need to wait until you return to your office. Our accounting software can be used on your smartphone, letting you create quotes on the go that you can email directly. It also means that, if your computer goes kaput (a nightmare for small businesses) the accounting data for your business is safe – because it’s hosted on secure servers.

Quick & easy to set up

Our fully trained staff can guide you through set up and installation, helping your business integrate with the digital world. Helping your business stay connected.

Video Tutorials

1. Introduction to Indigo Cloud Bookkeeping

2. How to set up Indigo Cloud Bookkeeping

3. How to use the Indigo Portal

4. e-Checklist Tutorial for the Indigo Portal

Client Login

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